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Our son, Elder Andrew Greenman, has been called to serve in the Mozambique Maputo Mission. He has asked me to create this blog so that you, the reader, can read his letters to home. His current writing address is found below along with the most recent letter.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Mosquitos Don't Phase Me

Omar and Gina got married and baptized a week ago, and it was such a beautiful experience. Since their marriage and Baptism they have both matured so much, and love each more than ever before.  We’ve visited them a few times since the baptism and they have expressed how happy they are.  The two continue reading the book of mormon every day without fail.  They are also discovering in the latest conference Liahona the words of our modern prophet.  Omar was interviewed to receive the Aaronic priesthood yesterday and will be getting it next Sunday.  Throughout the week we have been teaching our other investigators with Omar and Gina.    They are both such great missionaries.  In the teaching they are not afraid to share their testimonies and often use scriptures they have come across in their personal study and have memorized.  The last time we went to their house we gave them a blank piece of paper.  We asked Gina to write down the name of a family that she knows that she would like to help get baptized, then we did the same with Omar.  After the paper had three families on it we taped it to the wall of their humble home.  After church yesterday Omar went and spoke with one of these families.  When I had called him that evening he surprised me telling me that he had marked a lesson for me!   He told me to meet him at 5 pm today (Monday)  and that together we would go teach this family.  I can’t tell you how excited I am to have met Omar and Gina!  I know that they are going to really help establish the church here in Mozambique.   On Friday we had a Zone Conference and we talked a lot about the vision and mission statement of our mission; which is,  Establish the Church in Mozambique and Angola through a real growth by becoming extraordinary missionaries.   President Kretly showed that in Maputo we already meet the qualifications of a stake.  In Beira they will as well in a few months.   By 2015 we will have 4 stakes here in Mozambique.  That’s the goal.  One in Maputo, Matola, Beira and Manga.  The church is growing so rapidly here.   President Eyring’s statement is true, “the Lord is in a hurry with Africa.”   The church has been here for about 13 years and by the end of 15 we’ll have 4 stakes.   President Kretly talked about how when he served in brazil and explained that it took about 30 years to get the first stake.  I know the Lord has a plan and the work is going to advance rapidly here in Africa.   After zone conference I said good bye to Elder Gray (his mission is over) and headed off to a few lessons I had marked for that evening.  I didn’t have a companion anymore, but the lessons I was going to go teach were close to the chapel so I didn’t see anything wrong in going alone.  The lessons went well and…I’m just kidding.  Before leaving the chapel I asked one of the new missionaries if he wouldn’t mind walking with me.  His name is Elder Thurston, I’ve been with him since Friday.  He’s a great missionary.  He is cousins with the Thurstons that live in Burley! 
Transfers happened today!  I’ve never been more excited for transfers in my life.  I didn’t know if I was staying or going.  A lot of interesting things happened this transfer.  (I’m staying)  The assistants are going to be moving from Maputo 2 branch to Maputo 1, so they will be living with Me and my companion.  They will probably also take the area that I was working in. (polana Canico)  I’m still zone leader this transfer, but my companion won’t be, because he just got here last Wednesday.  I’m training!!!   All I know about him is he’s from San Diego California.   I’m so grateful for the opportunity that I will have to serve as a trainer and stay here in Maputo 1 and see Omar and Gina continue to progress.    This past transfer was harder for me.  The area didn’t progress as much as I would have liked it to have progressed.  I have a few goals for this transfer:   I want to help the rest of the Missionaries in my zone execute the vision.  We all have it by now, the only thing that’s left is knowing how to make it happen.  Whenever we want to progress four things must happen.  First we have to have a vision of what needs to be done.  Second we need to make goals to accomplish that vision.  Third we must execute the goals, and fourth account for our progress.   I know that accountability is so essential and is an eternal process.   In this process we create the plan twice.  One time “spiritually”  and the other physically.   When God created the earth he did the same.     When a house I built there are two creations as well.  The blueprint and the house itself.    Now that the zone has the vision and is making goals to get their I want to help them know how to execute and account with what they are doing.
Last week for p-day I didn’t have a lot of time because the two elder that were leaving wanted to go to some stuff.  Sorry for not writing much last week, but it was super fun.  We went and played rugby on the beach!
-Elder Greenman

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