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Our son, Elder Andrew Greenman, has been called to serve in the Mozambique Maputo Mission. He has asked me to create this blog so that you, the reader, can read his letters to home. His current writing address is found below along with the most recent letter.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Sprains and Satisfactions

Well I sprained my ankle last monday....which put our area on hold until about Wednesday.  It was a pretty bad sprain, but it got better so quickly.  By Wednesday I was walking fine again. Tuesday morning we had an interesting experience.  President called us saying that TVM (The biggest TV company in Mozambique) was going to do a program on our church and wanted to interview a few people.  Tuesday morning we went over to the Matola chapel to set things up and make everything look pretty.  They interviewed two elders and two sisters.  Elder Williams was one of the missionaries to get interviewed.  It's good that the Church's name will get out to more people now.

This week the Lord blessed us with more families to teach.  We've been having a hard time trying to sit with Richard and Belinha this past week, but this week we will.  Now about the family of ten....this family is so special.  We sat with them on Saturday morning.  Actually, we basically just sat with  Carlos, the father, and a few of his kids.  We had taught the family the Book of Mormon previously, but we hadn't taught Carlos yet, so that was what we were going to teach. We had asked President Nihoa, our branch president to come with us.  I will never forget the lesson we had because it was so powerful and spiritual.  We really prepared for the lesson in our personal and companionship studies.  When we arrived we found out that he had already started reading the Book of Mormon and was in 1 Nephi, chapter 16.  We were so shocked, we hadn't even asked him to read it yet, he had done all of this on his own.   Using questions we were able to help him understand more about the purpose of the Book of Mormon.  President Nihoa's testimony and conversion story was very important and essential to the lesson.  Carlos has truly been prepared to hear this message.  This week we will continue working with the rest of the  family.   He came to church this week with one of this sons. 

Also, this week we found another very special family: Ronaldo and Iva.  We found them by accident, actually not by accident, it was a blessing.  We knocked on a door thinking it was the house of another contact we had made.  He answered the door and helped us know where the house was that we were looking for.  After that we asked him if he lived there with his wife and he said that he did.  We asked if they had a little bit of time to hear a very special message about families.  He said yes.  We sat with him and his wife, Iva.  They understood very well the restoration and accepted baptism, and accepted to come to church.  They came. 

Church was so good yesterday.  The principles of the gospel teacher didn't show up so I gave the class. The lesson was on the Holy Ghost and it was such a good class; the spirit was so strong.  I love teaching principles of the gospel class because I can tailor it for our investigators and their needs as well as the needs of all the other people present.  

Another blessing this week was that we were able to walk with Elder Marqueza.  Elder Marqueza is from  the north of Mozambique, Nampula.  He went to the brazil MTC to start his mission for Angola, but when he arrived at the airport in Brazil he was treated very poorly by the airport police.  He had all the legal documentation he needed, but they insisted that he was a fugitive and they sent him all the way back to Mozambique.  He has been teaching with us this week and it really has been a great experience.

Yesterday, the Lord blessed us with, yet, another family. Orlando and Felizmina. They Are Special and accepted baptism in the first 3 minutes of the lesson, and at the end of the lesson they accepted a date for March 22.  I love teaching, there is no greater calling!
-Elder Greenman

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