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Our son, Elder Andrew Greenman, has been called to serve in the Mozambique Maputo Mission. He has asked me to create this blog so that you, the reader, can read his letters to home. His current writing address is found below along with the most recent letter.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

See Do Get

President Kretly is in Angola right now with his Wife.  Elder Cook of the seventy is there with them.   In president’s absence we’ve been working as hard as we can in the office.  Before he left he went over some things with elder Largent and I.  It’s crazy to think that in just two weeks, I’m going to have a new companion to train here in the office.  It takes about two transfer to train someone here, but President has mentioned that he thinks I can do it in one and then head out to a different area.   Speaking of areas…..
(right now would be a good time to cue some good inspirational music, maybe…chariots of fire?)
Laivino, Presalina, Joaquim and Argentina are……awesome!   They are doing so well.  This past week Joaquim has been so busy we weren’t able to sit with him until last night, but he still is keeping the commitments.  Since day one, he hasn’t been drinking or smoking either!   Laivino is going strong in that sense as well.   Throughout this week, Elder Largent and I have been working on finding new families to teach.   This past week we found one and have taught them twice so far.  Their names are Enoque and Nilza.  Nilza wasn’t able to make it to  church (she’s coming along a little slower)  but Enoque is reading the book of mormon and he came to church.    This week we had 11 investigators again.    Back to Laivino and the others that we are teaching in that house…  The collective marriage date is coming up on the first of march.  We’ve been a little concerned about their documents.  It seemed like things weren’t going to be done in time.  Especially with Laivino and presalina, because the lost everything in a  housefire.  Last night, at their house, we followed up with how those things are going, and set goals of when  they could get things done.  Joaquim said that today he would get his wifes documents done.  Laivino said he would get his wifes done by  Tuesday, and do his on Thursday.  We told them we want them to call us when they get their stuff.  They have until no later than the 20th to register to get married on the first.  So they are running up against time, and money  is also an issue.  Last night we taught about the importance of enduring to the end and how important it is.  This morning we received a call from Laivino saying that he had  managed to get his B.I.  (ID, which is the hardest)   we weren’t  even expecting the  call.  We’re super happy for them.  They are all changing so much.
This week has been a little crazy because something blewup.  That something happened to be what gives electricity to the whole city of Maputo.  So yes, the past two days we’ve been out of electricity.  Our apartment, like any house here, is literally a brick oven  inside without AC.   Luckily it’s all getting fixed and we’re getting the electricity back.    Yesterday at church the first speaker in sacrament meeting droned on for 30 minutes saying nothing at all….. leaving less time for the second speaker who actually did have something  to say.  The second speaker spoke about the law of chasitity.  It was a very good talk, and about 15 minutes after the hour, the branch president  put a not on the pulpit letting her  know that it was time.  At this point she apologized for taking so much time but still spoke for another five minutes.  Those last five minutes are where things got interesting.   (take note that the church is still young here and there are a few tendencies to go pastor john style and yell at the congregation.  She started yelling telling the men that the need to respect women better, that the women should respect their husbands, that we should all stop swearing, that the missionaries need to have patience with the members and families and then a pause… then she started shouting that AIDS is bad.  And that the teenagers need to be careful.   
It was definitely one of the most interesting sacrament meetings I’ve been to. 

The other day  I was thinking about how things have changed so much in this mission.  When I arrived I was told that this mission doesn’t baptized people, that married people don’t exist, and before I arrived the was a mindset that the PMG manual is not useful in this mission.   Since then so much has changed.  Right now in this mission over 100 families are being taught that will be baptized within the next three months.  That number doesn’t include Angola.   IT’s amazing how your paradigm can change your results.    President Kretly  taught us a very powerful principle.  

If we change the way we look at things, it will change the way we go about doing those things, which will change the results we will get.

Well that’s all folks.
Until next week.
-Elder Greenman

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