Elder D. Andrew Greenman

Our son, Elder Andrew Greenman, has been called to serve in the Mozambique Maputo Mission. He has asked me to create this blog so that you, the reader, can read his letters to home. His current writing address is found below along with the most recent letter.

Monday, February 25, 2013


This has been one of the longest weeks of my life.  Last Sunday (not yesterday)  president asked me to call an elder had been serving up north but was having some problems with his toe and needed surgery.  President told me to tell him that he was going to come down here for the surgery and that he was to bring all his bags as well.  On Monday of last week Elder Largent and I picked him up from the airport, and we marked an appointment at ICOR, one of the better hospitals here.  Because there wasn’t enough room at our house Elder Largent, Ostler, and I slept at the Mission Office.  On the second floor of the mission office there is a room with two bunk beds to accommodate new elders coming into the mission awaiting their first assignment.  Tuesday morning Elder Largent and I did our work in the office until about 10 o’clock when we met at the hospital with the Wollenziens. (one of the senior couples serving here,  speaking of senior couples, our mission is in DIRE need of them.)   We waited for what seemed like an eternity before the doctor could see Elder Ostler.  While waiting for him the power went out.  Joy. About 30 minutes later the docter came in, showed Elder Ostler into a room, and I followed behind.  The docter asked to see his toe looked at it for 2 seconds and said that its an ingrown toenail and it needs to be operated on, with that he wrapped up the consulta that we had paid 1800 metacais for and kindly kicked us out for the next patient.  Well…….we already knew it was an ingrown toenail and it needed to be operated on.  Sister Kretly came to the conclusion that they’ll just take Elder Ostler to South Africa to get the surgery taken care of.  Why am I telling you this?   Good question.

Okay so it’s Wednesday now, and president calls me telling Elder Largent and I that Elder Ostler will be my new companion.  I kind of saw that coming.   It was really good because Elder Largent was able to spend  a good part of the week training Elder Ostler.  The transition is going to be a lot smoother.  This week has been crazy  with all of the things that have needed to be done.  Together with the assistants we call these secret missions.    So this week we were given loads of secret missions.  There was only one day this week that we got to bed before 11:30.    We got a lot done this week.  I’m super excited to be companions with Elder Ostler.  He was serving with Elder Lopes in Dondo when I was there and right before I served  with Elder Lopes myself.  Elder Ostler is from Orem Utah, and is an organized, and hard worker.   I know that He and I are going to have a Blast! This transfer.   Transfer week always seems to be the craziest, not only are the elders getting transferred but Elders are leaving and some are coming.  This time we got all of the tickets bought for the elders being transferred by plane and sent them off with the transfer slide.  Naturally I’ll be staying here with Elder Ostler in the office.  I’ve been called to be district leader and am so excited to serve in such a great district.  There are six elders in my district.  First Elder Rios who is from Ponta Porã Brasil, and also one of the APs.   Elder Cyrier from North Carolina who will be companions with Elder Rios.     Elder Ostler and I, then Elder Coombs from Idaho, and Elder Wartena from Orem Utah, all of which are great missionaries. 
I can’t believe how quick this past transfer went by.  This Friday will be the collective marriage.  Elder Ostler and I will have two families getting married.  Anastacio and Adollina, who have been investigating the church for three years and have been taught everything several times, but they didn’t want to get married,  they got things worked out and will be baptized on Saturday the day after they’re married.   The second family will be Nelson and Celia, found by Elder Barlow, who’s place I took when I came down to Maputo.  Celia will be baptized on Saturday, but Nelson isn’t ready yet because he isn’t coming to church consistently.   He has a hard time because of his work, and it’s been like that for the past 8 months that the have been taught.  Celia has is super excited to be baptized and says she’ll be baptized without Nelson if he isn’t ready.    We hope that Nelson will wake up and start making more of an effort to come to church.

In last weeks e-mail  Laivino and Presalina were going through something.  She left him for two days without saying a word.  On Wednesday Elder Largent, Ostler, and I went together to them. (this is after Presalina had come back)  Joaquim was not there,  and has been skipping out on a lot of the lessons.   Okay so the lesson we taught was on Forgiving Others.  The lesson was so powerful.   Laivino and Presalina was sitting as far away as possible from  each other.    When we came back, (I think it was Friday)  We were overjoyed to see that the two were smiling, sitting next to each other, and back to normal, or even better than normal.  The power of forgiveness is incredible.  I was so happy to see that they had worked things out.  We got a text late one night from Laivino saying that things have really gotten better.  He and Presalina came to church with their little daughter Arishia.   They were so happy, and I too was happy for them.  Laivino almost has all of this documents for marriage, his last one is up in Gaza and this Thursday he’s going to find a way to get up there and get it.  Elder Ostler and I are planning another marriage for March 15 and Laivino and Presallina are preparing for that date.  This week we’re going to have to work hard with Joaquim and Argentina to help them get back on track.   This mission is starting to baptize more families, and I’m super happy to be here for it.  I think that we’ll have a stake before I leave.   SUPER GOOD NEWS is that Angola will become a mission this summer.  Angola really needs a Mission President; it is going to help them so SO much.   Well this next transfer will be one for miracles, I’m super excited for everything that is happening right now.

-Elder Greenman

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