Elder D. Andrew Greenman

Our son, Elder Andrew Greenman, has been called to serve in the Mozambique Maputo Mission. He has asked me to create this blog so that you, the reader, can read his letters to home. His current writing address is found below along with the most recent letter.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Last Week in the MTC

WOW!!!  Time sure has flown by extremely fast, but the days seem to get slower and slower as I get nearer to my departure date.  I received my flight plans last Thursday!  I was surprised to see that it will take three days to get to Mozambique.  I leave from the SLC Airport at 11:25am and then arrive in Chicago where I have a three hour layover.  From there I fly to London where a ten hour layover will greet me as I walk off the plane.  From there I fly to Johannesburg South Africa.  I'll have another three hours in layover before my flight to Mozambique Maputo.  From there, If I understand correctly I'll be staying at the mission home for a few days before I'm sent off to my first area!  I'm overwhelmed with excitiment thinking that in a week and a day I'll finally set foot in Africa.
My experience at the MTC has been one of great growth.  I'm come to know my Heavenly Father on a more personal level.  My testimony of Jesus Christ's atonement has bloomed into a realization that through Christ, all can TRULY be saved.  The Gospel is a beautiful thing.   Yesterday, while sitting in class, I began to ponder the greatness of this creation.  I know that there is no possible way that this Earth could have become so beautiful without a God.  I came to a deep understanding and solid conviction that there is no way that the human body, as complex and incredible as it is, could have JUST come to be without a loving Heavenly Father who created us, AND has such a vested interest in our success in this life and in the eternities to come.  Not only have I learned so much about the Gospel in these short two months, but I've learned how to comunicate better with people.  I've come to know so many new people, and have learned to see things as they see them.  Its a beautiful thing to be able to be here at the MTC where the spirit is so incredibly strong.  As I prepare to leave, and as I go throughout this last week I'm committed to do everything else I can to learn, grow, and progress.  As a Missionary I want to know the Gospel so well that I may be able to rely on the Spirit.  I know that when teaching with the Spirit it is possible to say the simplest words yet convey the eternal expanse.
-Elder Greenman

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