Elder D. Andrew Greenman

Our son, Elder Andrew Greenman, has been called to serve in the Mozambique Maputo Mission. He has asked me to create this blog so that you, the reader, can read his letters to home. His current writing address is found below along with the most recent letter.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Hello everyone!!!   I absolutely love being a missionary and wearing the tag that shows  I'm a representative of  Jesus Christ.  On Easter Sunday all of the missionaries gathered together for sacrament meeting.  It was an absolutely incredible experience.  There were five different tables (two tables together)  with four Elders at each one to bless the sacrament.  There were fourteen trays of bread and fourteen of water on each table.   Then there were 35 or so elders to passed the sacrament, each carrying one tray in each hand.  It was so powerful to be able to see the priesthood  working together to serve so many.  It was an added blessing to partake of the sacrament because it had been almost three weeks since I had had the chance.  On top of that there were three general authorities present.  One of the seventies didn't speak, and I can't even remember his name.   The first speaker was President Packer's son.  After his words President Boyd K. Packer spoke.  It was amazing to see him there,  and be so close to him.  He mentioned how great it was to be at the MTC with us.  He said that the power here is incredible,  referring to the priesthood power, as well as the power of the spirit.  His message was how faith can totally and entirely replace fear. 
I love being at the MTC.  There is so much information available here its like drinking out of a fire hydrant.  You get some water but it mostly just hurts your face.    (Maybe that isn't the best analogy, but the point I'm trying to get across is that the learning curve here, and the speed at which I'm learning is incredible.)   I've already taught about 12 lessons in Portuguese.  I love the language of Portuguese, and its far more beautiful than spanish.  I can fully understand it now, and carried a 20 minute conversation with my teacher in portuguese, so apparently I can speak it as well.   (That is, if you wanted me to teach you about the gospel and challenge you to be baptized, i'd have it down) 
The food here is delicious, but SOOO unhealthy.  I don't know if i'll be able to take another eight weeks of this.  What I mean to say by that is, of course I'll make it, but I might need a new suit. 
Okay, in the last letter I wasn't very descriptive so I'd like to tell you a little more about my companions and about my district.   I have two companions, Elder Heaton and Elder Sorenson.   Elder Heaton is from American Fork Utah and loves being outdoors, he has even done a lot of rock climbing.  Elder Sorenson is from Mesa Arizona.  Both my companions are great, and are really fit, which is great because we've been (Pause:  At the MTC there are two gyms,  one is where you can play volleyball, and foursquare and a few other things.  The other is a weight lifting and aerobic gym.  Unpause:)   we've been going to the smaller weightlifting gym and keeping fit.   All I can say is that I'm glad for this because without it,  I'd become very unfit because of the food here. 
The learning experience here is different than what I thought it would be.  I had imagined large classes, rote memorization and repetition, and a few other things.  I was surprised to walk into my first class and see only five chairs.  Three for me and my companions and then two for Elder Chapman and Elder Montuy who are the other two Elders in district 45-E.  
My thirty minutes are up.  So I've got to get off the computer, but I'd like to let you all know that serving a mission is incredible, and very satisfying.  I love the feeling I get at the end of each day after putting in a full days work of classes and eating junk food.   Feel free write me everyone.  Letters are gold here at the MTC.
Elder Greenman
MTC Mailbox #116
MOZ-MAP 0528
2005 N. 900 E
Provo Utah  (and the zip code.  I have no clue what it is)

Editor's Note: the zip code is: 84604-1793

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